Tile floors and you

Have you thought about switching to tile floors in your home? If so, you're not alone. Many people are going for the tile look, whether ceramic or porcelain, because of the vast number of designs and looks you can have with them.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are made in much the same way. Porcelain tile is harder and less porous, so itis more resistant to moisture. It also stands up better under heavy traffic than ceramic tile, but it's not wise to try to install it yourself. Since it is so much harder, it's much easier to chip, crack or break. When that happens, there's nothing to do but get a new piece of tile.

Tile offers designing options

Not only do you have a wide variety of colors and designs when it comes to tile, you can also decorate with it as well. You could mix up different colors for a more modern look, or you could alternate between a number of plain tiles, decorated with inlays of design tiles.

The options are, quite literally, endless. Even tiles from the same lot do not look exactly the same. If you're going for something that shows your own individuality and style, tile is definitely the way to go! You can even accent with wall tiles as well.

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Tile is great for any room

You can just as easily have tile installed in the kitchen, as you can the hallway or foyer. Porcelain is especially suited for kitchen use since it is more resistant to moisture.

You can even choose tiles based on their hardness rating if you're looking for something for a specific area. Harder tiles belong in areas with lots of traffic, and you can get away with choosing a lower rating for areas that don't see very much traffic.

Tile needs no special sealants

One of the great things about tile is that there's no need to add special sealants to keep out water. Tile, especially when glazed, is as water resistant as it's going to be. As a matter of fact, this is a job tile does very well, immediately after it is installed.
Tile from Sacramento, CA from Simas Floor & Design Company

We can help you pick your tile

At Simas Floor & Design, we know that your floors are a representation of you. If you live in the Sacramento, Folsom, Elk Grover or Davis areas, stop by our showroom located in Sacramento and let us help you choose the perfect tile for your project.