When carpet is the right choice

Carpeting your home, in nearly every aspect, is a great option. It's appealing, warms the home, keeps slips to a minimum while padding falls, feels great underfoot and can reduce noise levels greatly, especially between floors.

However, you might have heard some things that have you thinking twice about this timeless floor covering. If that's the case, allow Simas Floor & Design Company, to put your mind at ease.

Carpet and stains

One thing that often keeps people away from choosing carpet flooring is the fact they think it's easy to stain. Years ago, this was much truer than it is today. With new technology, however, most carpets today come right from the factory with special stain resistance built right into the fibers. Of course, some stains are worse than others are, but thank goodness, they're also less likely to occur!

In addition to purchasing carpet that comes standard with top of the line stain resistance, you can also treat your carpet once you have it installed. This can be done professionally, or you can opt to do it yourself. While doing it yourself is certainly okay, you get more peace of mind by allowing a professional service to apply it.

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Carpet and allergens

Another thing that worries some homeowners, especially those who have children with allergies, is the allergen worry. Many people believe that carpet traps these allergens and makes your health much worse than if you went with a different type of flooring.

This is another theory that was true years ago, but a lot has changed since then. Now, much like with stain resistance, carpet is coming from the manufacturer with hypoallergenic fibers! This is great news for allergy sufferers who absolutely love carpet. Not only does this carpet fight against common household allergens, but can trap and combat pet dander as well.

Carpet is not a fire hazard

Finally, we tackle the fear that a carpet is worse in the case of a fire. Most all carpets now are completely flame retardant, even if something like a cigarette is dropped right into the fibers.
Luxury carpet in Sacramento from Simas Floor & Design Company

We can help you pick the perfect carpet

If you live in or around the Sacramento, Folsom, Elk Grove, Stockton, or Davis areas of California, feel free to stop in to our showroom located in Sacramento. We'd be happy to personally walk you through all of your carpet options and tailor them just for you.