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Countertops are important parts of rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. They provide a space to prepare food and get ready for the day. They are the places you set romantic candles while you take a bubble bath and the spaces where you frost cakes for birthdays. Choose the one that will fit you best! Find a countertop that can stand up to your everyday life at Simas Floor and Design. Products, delivery and installation services are available to homes in at lower prices than ever! There has never been a better time to begin planning a renovation for your kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms. Countertops have dozens of unexpected uses, and there are hundreds of styles to choose from at Simas Floor and Design. Shop our collection to find your favorite brands and materials in every color and design you can imagine.

Which surface is the best?

Many homeowners find themselves asking, “Which countertop is the best?” The answer is that there is no one answer. Finding the ‘best’ countertop means finding the material, shape, and color that works best in whatever room you place it in. There are many considerations that come into play when it comes to deciding which one will work for you. They include:

  • Your budget.
  • The purpose of your countertop.
  • The amount of maintenance you want.
  • The amount of space you have.
  • The design of the rest of your room.
  • What climate you live in.

Asking yourself these questions before you begin shopping can help direct your focus when you head to the showroom.

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Types of surfaces

So what kind of countertop materials are there to choose from? Dozens! You can select your countertop from materials that range from natural stone to hardwood. Here are some of the most popular countertop choices:

  • Granite: This is one material that is sure to turn heads. Granite is one of the most elegant choices for any countertop. This natural stone is one of the hardest natural substances, coming in second just after diamond. It has become more affordable in recent years but still tends to be a bit pricey. It can withstand heat, freezing temperatures, and requires almost no maintenance.
  • Concrete: Many homeowners raise an eyebrow when they hear that concrete can be made into beautiful countertops. But there are many benefits to choosing this material. Because it is cast right in your kitchen, it’s a great solution for strangely shaped spaces. It is heat and scratch resistant and can be tinted many colors. It does need sealing to keep out moisture and the cost can be high. But this is a countertop that will last for many years and requires little maintenance.
  • Laminates: Laminate is known for being inexpensive and easy to clean. This plastic-coated material can be cut to size and finished on the ends however you choose. It is available in hundreds of colors and is long-lasting. This is the perfect solution for busy family homes and homeowners on a tight budget.
  • Ceramic: Ceramic tile is often used for bathroom countertops because it is highly resistant to moisture and is naturally antibacterial. But with so many colors to choose from, it can be used in kitchens and other rooms too. It is affordable and very durable to heat, cold, and scratches. There is a wide range of prices and designs to choose from.
  • And more!

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