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Alluvial by Fabrica


Color: Plains

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Alluvial Geist 741AL
Alluvial Valley 549AL
Alluvial Stream 566AL
Alluvial Stoney 958AL
Alluvial Slope 737AL
Alluvial Slit 873AL
Alluvial Sediment 859AL
Alluvial Ravine 899AL
Alluvial Plains 852AL
Alluvial Placer 729AL
Alluvial Mountain 595AL
Alluvial Matter 999AL
Alluvial Marshland 773AL
Alluvial Ice Age 708AL
Alluvial Humid 711AL
Alluvial Gravel 937AL
Alluvial Alluvium 939AL
Alluvial Formation 776AL
Alluvial Flint 957AL
Alluvial Fault 888AL
Alluvial Ephemeral 586AL
Alluvial Desert 742AL
Alluvial Deposits 979AL
Alluvial Delta 731AL
Alluvial Clay 861AL
Alluvial Chalk 717AL
Alluvial Canyon 862AL
Alluvial Boulder 988AL
Alluvial Bedrock 893AL
Alluvial Arid 732AL
Alluvial Apron 709AL
Alluvial Apex 876AL

Additional colors



Alluvial has a feeling of movement creating channels of flowing pattern elements traveling in an elegant fashion. Alluvial, a flowing, cut and loop pattern, combines softness of hand with superior performance. Made with 100% STAINMASTER® Luxerell® BCF type 6,6 nylon, it is available in thirty-two fashion forward colors.

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Product Line NameAlluvial
Color Name Plains
Color Number852AL
Width 12'
Pattern Repeat Width 24 Inches
Pattern Repeat Length 16.5 Inches
Application Residential; Commercial
Fiber 100% STAINMASTER® Luxerell® BCF nylon Type 6; 6
Fiber Brand Other Fibers
Color Tones Golds