Marmoleum Forbo Flooring at Simas Floor and Design!

There are so many wonderful looking residential rooms on the Marmoleum website! These are some of my favorites. Forbo Marmoleum flooring is used mostly in commercial settings such as hospitals, office buildings, healthcare facilities, schools and universities. It's anti-microbial surface, naturally green qualities, environmentally responsible manufacturing as well as it's hard surface and large array of colors and designs make it a perfect choice for these commercial settings. HOWEVER, it's also an excellent choice for residential homes for the very same reasons! Our showroom is in close proximity to the downtown Sacramento area where many of the homes were built in the early to mid-century period. The colors and designs are a perfect fit for these mid-century homes, especially when the owners want to refurbish and remodel their home to the original, but updated look. Simas is now the only flooring company in the Sacramento area with the new beautiful display of Forbo Marmoleum featuring all the latest colors and designs from the Marmoleum design team. Simas also offer expert installation of the Marmoleum product as well as design help and free estimates.